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What is an online memorial or online tribute?

An online tribute (or online memorial) is a beautiful everlasting tribute to a family member or friend who has passed away.

It only takes a couple of minutes to create an online memorial to your loved one and then you can visit them anytime night or day. All visitors can add messages, photographs and memories of your loved one (with your permission).

Tributes are completely free to create and you may edit or delete your tribute at any time.

To create a tribute, all you need is the person's name, so why not create one now we all know crude oil trading platform someone who deserves to be remembered.

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Why create an online tribute or online memorial?

Unlike a conventional resting place, an online memorial is not subject to vandalism, weather erosion or other damage.

They are accessible by anyone with an internet connection from anywhere in the world.

They allow everyone who knew the person to access their memorial and share their thoughts and memories (with your permission) about what they meant to them.

It is very quick and easy to create an online memorial, all you need to create a tribute is the person's name.

It is completely free to create your online tribute.

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It is always difficult to lose those we love but by creating an online tribute to them we can ensure that we remember and celebrate their life.

Online memorials are an enduring and touching way to celebrate the life of someone that meant so much to you.

They also offer the chance day trading platform in Malaysia for well-wishers to write in the remembrance book, upload photographs, light candles and place gifts.

This will build to a comprehensive celebration of the person's life and give you, the tribute creator, a place to visit your loved one anytime day or night from anywhere in the world.

Supporting you through bereavement.

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Having some quiet reflective time with your loved one will help you cherish memories of them and, if their passing is quite recent, it will also help you through the bereavement process.

Friends and family (with your permission) can contribute to your online obituary. Who do you know that deserves to be remembered?

Some of the many features of our online tribute site

  • Create online tributes to your loved ones - quickly, easily and for free
  • Easily share your tributes with friends/family via all popular social networking sites
  • Add different backgrounds / candles / gifts / messages / photographs to personalise your online obituary
  • Control who contributes to your tributes (users request permission to pay their respects)
  • Your memorials will stay online forever.
  • Contribute to other memorials and pay your respects
  • You can edit or update your memorial anytime you wish.

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