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What is Friends At Rest?

Friends At Rest is an online memorial website that provides a secure online area to create a tribute that will celebrate the life of someone who you cared about. Most people have experienced losing someone who they loved and although this leaves a large hole in our life it is vital that we ensure that we remember and celebrate their life. Unlike a conventional resting place we offer you the chance to remember your loved one anytime day or night.

What is an online tribute (also known as online memorial)?

An online tribute (or online memorial) is a way of commemorating your loved one by creating a place dedicated to their memory. Visitors (some of whom you may not have realised knew your loved one) can light candles, place gifts, write their memories in the remembrance book and upload photographs of your loved one. Memorials stay online forever and build into a comprehensive tribute to the persons life that brings comfort to those who knew them.

How private and secure are the online tributes?

The tributes are secure. We have a team of administrators that personally check every message left on the site. If you wish you can also choose to be informed whenever something is added to your tribute. You can make your tribute as private as you want. If desired you can create a tribute that nobody, without your permission, can even see. Or you can create a tribute that visitors can see but cannot add anything to without your permission. Or, if you prefer, you can create a tribute that any visitor can add to whenever they feel like.

How much does it cost to create a memorial?

It is completely free to create a tribute to your loved one. You only need to know the persons name in order to create a memorial at Friends At Rest. Why not create a tribute now?

What is the catch? Nothing is free!

There is no catch. It is free to create a memorial to your loved one. It is free for visitors to write in the remembrance book. We charge a token amount to light a candle or place a gift, however, if you upgrade your tribute even gifts and candles can be free (plus a host of other benefits). The money raised from gifts, candles and upgrades goes towards the cost of running the website. Friends At Rest is a non-profit making website.

We hope that has answered some of your questions regarding our online tributes and we sincerely hope that this site will bring you comfort. If you create a memorial to your loved one you may discover other people have photographs or memories of them that you weren't aware of.

Well, that's all for the introduction to the site. Welcome to Friends At Rest and if you need any help or want to make any suggestions please feel free to access our support page.

All our very best wishes,

The Friends At Rest Team.