Why we charge?

Why do you charge?

(Note: It is completely free to write in the remembrance book.)

When Friends At Rest was first conceived we had a clear set of goals:

  1. Friends At Rest to be the very best online memorial site on the net.
  2. Anyone, regardless of their financial position, should be able to create an online tribute to their loved one. Therefore tributes would be free to create.
  3. Friends At Rest will be a force for good and attempt to raise money for worthy causes.

We ask for a token amount when lighting a candle, placing a gift or upgrading a tribute for two reasons:

  1. Although Friends At Rest is a non-profit making website, the reality of the modern world is that running a large website costs money. We rely on you, and other visitors, spending a little bit of money in order to operate. The money goes towards running costs, improving the site and keeping tributes online.
  2. By paying a small amount to light a candle or place a gift you are making a tribute that little bit more special and preserving the memory of someone who was obviously very special to you.
  3. Payments are completely secure and handled via PayPal (you do not need a PayPal account to make a payment).

Thank you for your understanding.

Please Note: We completely understand that visitors may be reluctant to support a tribute by contributing financially. If this is you then please pay your respects by writing a message in the remembrance book.

It is completely free to write in the remembrance book.